Vector Attack 76

Everyday Generate Unlimited BTC. This is Splitable to many Address. Diappears After 21 days.




Generate BTC Everyday


Splitable Wallets


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24 hr


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Bitcoin Fake Transaction (Vector76 attack) Full Version 2.5.001 is a software that allows to send bitcoin fakes on the blockchain networks, bitcoins can stay in the wallet for at maximum 60 days before being rejected by blockchain and finally disappear into the wallet if you don’t have hash rate, but with hash rate that can stay for unlimited time.

We present you the new version of Bitcoin Fake Transaction Full Version with its new features.


-Bitcoin core or blockchain keys options

-Defined the time that the transaction can remain in the wallet

-Defined the charges of the blockchain networks for a quick confirmation

-VPN and TOR options included with proxy

-Can check the blockchain address before transaction

-Can send maximum 100BTC

-Transaction can get full confirmation

-Support all wallet

-Segwit and legacy address


The features of the last update 2.5.001


New options add

“Binance server”

With the “binance server” option

– 100% confirmed transaction

-The transaction fee is “max”, ie “priority” for quick confirmation

– Cannot cancel a transaction with bitcoin server

-You can spend bitcoins easily on any other address (Segwit address, legacy, Segwit / bch32)

-it works with all wallets.

Flash Bitcoin Generator Software

Do you earn money with fake Bitcoin? We have this tool which generates huge sums of btc to any wallet. We can send fake transactions to any wallet of your choice and it stays upto 21 days.